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We will provide you with an experienced UAV operator and photographer/sensor operator.

This could be a single operator or a team of two, this will be decided on completion of a pre site survey.

We have been carrying out aerial Photography and inspection work prior to the advent of drones.

As such we were quick to utilise the technology. Also being versed in the use of other methods, we can still if needs be provide a service on a rainy day.

The Versatility of Multi-Rotors (Drones) is almost endless. This truely game changing technology, can be utilised for creative as well as practical means. So what can we do for you?



Photography and Videography:


.Property and Estate Agents

.Media Production and Journalism

.Business and Promotional

.Adventure and Art


Aerial Inspection and Survey:

.Buildings and Structures

.Roofing Measurement with roofing cad plan

.Site Survey for Construction, Farming, Archeological, etc...

We basically have the knowledge and skills, as well as flair for a creative or problem solving idea. We offer plenty of experience, all operators are highly trained, as well as having Passed a CAA approved  ground school and flight tests. You can rest assured we are fully Insured and have been granted permission for aerial work by the CAA over the last 5 years. We have conducted hundreds of inspections and assignments within Greater London. We have extensive experience of processes required to operate within the flight restricted zones. 

 Images can be given to you on the day and on site in the form of emailed link, CD/DVD or SD card. Images that require further editing than can be accomplished on site, will have a 24-72 hour turn around time.  

Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop cc and Premier Pro will be used for editing, grading and retouching etc... Images and reports are also backed up and stored on a cloud based drive which the client has  secure access to.

Prices start from £150.

Hopefully you just found the solution, Please contact us for a quote.

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